Our mission

We help shoppers find quality brands, be informed, and shop with purpose.

When I Shop is one of the world’s most comprehensive women’s fashion brand directories with more than 600 brands from 33 countries in more than 120 categories. We independently and vigorously research brands via multiple channels and analyze thousands of products to give shoppers a truthful and transparent view of brand values and manufacturing information.

A new way of shopping, where brands come before products and values come before aesthetics is unfolding and When I Shop is the discovery tool that shoppers use to make better, more informed choices.

Date launched
October 2020
Max Loddo & Suzanne Barker
Press contact

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Press Releases

Made in the USA: The State of Women’s Clothing Manufacturing

Brands are doubling down on Made in USA cotton clothing and turning to partners in Turkey, Peru, and Mexico to plug gaps, overlooking China.

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Press Mentions

Startup.info – 3 February 2021

Suzanne Barker of When I Shop on Reinventing the Retail & E-Commerce Experience

“We created a proprietary categorization tool to make e-commerce fashion brands easily discoverable.”

Thrive Global – 10 November 2020, By Jerome Knyszewski

Not Concentrating on a Niche

“Build a brand story and concentrate on what sets your brand apart. Be overtly transparent and lay it out proudly on your homepage.”

Databird Business Journal – 21 October 2020, By Leo Kangin

How to Start a Company from Scratch: 100+ Stories from Female Founders

“Liquidity is essential on a platform like When I Shop because we need to make sure users can find exactly what they are looking for and they feel encouraged to return for other brand searches.”

The Founders

Max Loddo is co-founder and technical Grand Poobah at When I Shop. Max has been a software developer and architect for well over twenty years - with a brief interlude as a stock trader.

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Suzanne Barker is co-founder and product lead at When I Shop. Suzanne is a digital marketing consultant with a background in media, having worked as a magazine editor, journalist, and in Intellectual Property.

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Brand Assets

Official When I Shop photos and logos available for download.

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